Overcoming fear in your Bucket List Gap Year.

The main value of the Bucket List Gap year, lies in that you are taught the basic skills of enjoying life to the fullest, taking calculated risk and overcoming fear.

For many people, fear is the biggest obstacle to achieving personal goals. We give fear so much power that we sacrifice our dreams to avoid anxiety or the possibility of rejection or failure. This leads to a boring life always hearing about things other people have and what they are planning to do.  During this Bucket list gap year, we are going to face fear and together overcome these fears. Overcoming fear is not the centre goal or objective of the Bucket list gap year but a few of the activities will stretch your comfort zone.  The first step towards dealing with fear is to recognize that it is inevitable. We all experience fear, whether first-time travelers or a seasoned athletes. It is important to know that while it cannot be completely eliminated, fear can be managed. By facing fear with a clear and objective mind, you will realize that it is possible to fight it, focus on what you’re doing, and achieve what you want in life.

 As part of the Bucket List gap year will be functioning in teams, see other team members do what I might be afraid of and making it is even easier to overcome these fears. Next, we need to realize that fear builds character, and teaches us how to act with courage. In a study on fear associated with extreme sports, conducted by Eric Brymer and Robert Schweitzer, a mountain climber described dealing with fear as ‘empowering’ and ‘feeling very at peace’, while a BASE jumper termed the pursuit as ‘the ultimate metaphor for jumping into life rather than standing on the edge quivering.’ Confronting fear can be transformative, and equip us to deal with the tribulations of everyday life. Some will experience fear while climbing mountains during the Bucket list gap year, or diving down waterfalls or going downhill on a mountain bike or abseiling or even while scuba diving, but when doing it in a team you get motivated to overcome.





Start seeing fear as an opportunity and with more than a hundred events during the Bucket list gap year— it can act as a guidepost to help us identify problems and solve them efficiently. When you feel afraid of something unfamiliar, take it as a sign that you need to get to know the place or situation better. If you are afraid of heights, think about the opportunities that will open up to you once you overcome it. I am currently in construction and I climb to the top of the crane a few times a week to overcome my fear of heights. The photos I take of the construction are worth it! Be motivated by the prospect of expanding your horizons to a different dimension.

All activities planned for the Bucket list gap year are presented by people who are professionals in their area and safety is a very high priority. By preparing in advance with proper information on risks and safety procedures, by training physically and mentally, and by assessing our skills and experience levels in relation to the adventure, it is possible to gain confidence and keep fear under control. It may take a huge leap of faith and a dollop of courage, but the results you will experience during the Bucket list gap year, and the journey along the way, will be well worth it. Once you have completed the Bucket list gap year you will have the confidence to conquer and enjoy life to the fullest.

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