Kayaking and White water rafting.

Through the course of the Bucket-list-gap-year program we won’t just stop to smell the roses, but also to test the waters.

Don’t have the slightest idea what kayaking and white water rafting is about?  Don’t worry, you will experience it at the hands of the best.  We have professionals that will do our training!

We are going to be stopping by, at the kayak school in Parys. Through a 2 day training period, we will learn the basics on kayaking and white water rafting.  The end will be that you are going to experience the world’s wildest white water experience. The Kayaking is going to give you the self-confidence and much needed experience of rivers before taking on the mighty Zambezi.


Africa in all its glory, also has some of the best rivers, lakes and streams for kayaking.  Kayaking is a calmer more relaxing sport, and white water rafting, for the days that you hunger for adrenaline… Some of our rafting/ kayaking stops will include: The beautiful town of Parys. The Vredefort dome (one of the world heritage sites we will be visiting). The Blyde River canyon near Sabie (where we will also be doing kloofing).

Sea Kayaking Cape Town

In Cape Town we will be experiencing sea Kayaking rowing with the penguins and seals we will do kayaking wherever else we get the opportunity to do so…


Kayaking being a low impact activity that improves your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility, has specific health benefits including:

It improves cardiovascular fitness, it increases muscle strength it also increases torso and leg strength. Since paddling is a low impact activity there is also less where-and-tear on your joints.  Kayaking is a versatile sport; it can be peaceful and exiting, it also gives you a new way to explore nature.

As far as kayaking goes, that is all fine and well- but let’s quickly take a look at white-water rafting!


White water Rafting

Why white water rafting?

There are many reasons but lets look at a few…….

  • Perfect for an adventures heart.
  • Adrenalin Junkie’s dream.
  • Natural Stress reliever.
  • Bonding with nature.
  • Cardio and strength workout.
  • Team Bonding
  • Boosted self-esteem

One of many highlights in the Bucket-list-gap-year program, is our white water expedition on the Zambezi River.  We will get to face one of the most challenging white-water adventure in the world … The river leads from 1700 meters wide body to the 120 meters fall at the Victoria Falls, where it will trap us in a basalt gorge no more than 40 meters wide.  The result is….grade 5 turbulence.  This would open your eyes to look at the world in a whole new way and is truly something indescribable… You have to live through it yourself!


So come enjoy the Bucket-list-gap-year with us!