Bucket List 4 x 4

 Why to have 4 x 4 courses on your Bucket list.


4  X  4 Driving is a big part of the Bucket list gap year.

With our 4 x 4 training and driving we are off to discover places and adventurer.  From Cape Town right up to central Africa through the Serengeti to Kilimanjaro.  Firstly after the completion of the 4 x 4 training, we will be on our way to Namibia.  Namibia getting its name from the Namib Desert, is considered the oldest desert in the world, and one of the 4  x 4 enthusiast ultimate destinations. The Namib Desert has the highest dune in the world.  Dubbed by the Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism as the highest sand dune in the world.  You need to see Dune 7 to believe it..

dune-4x4      dune-7-namibia
The 1,256-foot dune got its name because it is the seventh dune past the Tsauchab River,  which runs through part of the
Desert.  The desert itself, believed to be dry for at least 55 million years.  We are going to spend some time exploring it,  while we’re here.  Namibia is one of the best Rock and Surf fishing spots in the world, and the fishing is the main reason for our trip.  But the added bonus of 4 x 4 driving in the desert,  is a sure Bucket list item.




We are then on our way to Mpumalanga and the Kruger National park.  These are of the main tourist destinations in South Africa and definite bucket list items.  We will also do some gold panning at Pilgrims Rest. The entire village of Pilgrim’s Rest is a National Monument – and takes you back to the heady gold rush days.  Pilgrim’s Rest dates back to 1873,  when a miner named Alex Wheelbarrow Patterson, discovered gold on a farm here –  starting a gold rush.




After visiting the beautiful waterfalls of Mpumalanga and touring through the Kruger park,  we are on our way to Mozambique.


Mozambique is famous for it’s white unspoiled sandy beaches along their eastern coast,  as well as for their prawns and cashew nuts.  Although the roads in Mozambique have been upgraded your 4 x 4 vehicle will take you to amazing places where we will scuba, snorkel and do deep sea fishing  – going for the Dorado or whatever takes your line>  Here are some images of some friends fishing in Mozambique.  This is also part of the team that would be with the Bucket list gap year team.


Swaziland and Eastern Free State

Next stop – Swaziland.  Caving is our main attraction here and a 4 x 4 route in the beautiful mountains a must do.  Yes,  another Bucket list item.  Now to the Korana mountains in the Eastern Free State.  Here  we are doing 4 x 4 over the sandstone mountains  Korannaberg/Van Zoelenshoek,


Each offering spectacular scenery and challenges to the newcomer and more experienced driver alike.  Before you set out, we suggest that you spend some time at the playpen along the way, honing your skills on the roller-coaster inclines.  After this you’ll be warmed up for the challenges to come.  Our route takes us to Lesotho and then the big route starts about a month later.


Namibia and Botswana

This adventure filled with African sunsets and the beautiful star filled night’s starts in Southern Namibia.  Into Botswana,  to the amazing Okavango Delta, called the last Eden by some.  This vast area has many unique features, adding value to your Bucket list gap year.  To attempt to summarize the Okavango Delta,  would not bring justice to this wonder of nature.   I suggest you Google facts about the Okavango and get yourself ready for another life giving experience.

african-sunset-3  okavangosunset-1


Off  to the Chobe National park,  home to the Largest Population of Elephants in the World.  Our main objective game viewing  and Tiger Fish fishing.


Our evenings round the camp fire, Bucket list evenings you will never forget.

At the mighty Zambezi River,  our 4 x 4 vehicles are going over by fairy.  We are now on our way to the biggest waterfall in the world, the Victoria Falls.


Those in need of another adventurous Bucket list item,  can then do the Worlds no 1 white water rapids in the Zambezi,  below the Victoria Falls.


The 4 x 4 route now takes us through Zambia to Lake Tanganyika.  Ndole Bay campsite in Zambia on the shore of Lake Tanganyika.


We will pack of and rest here for a few days while doing some scuba and snorkeling in the lake.  Lake Tanganyika facts. It is the second largest lake of Africa, c.12, 700 sq. mi (32,890 sq. km), E central Africa on the borders of Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, and Burundi.  It is c.420 mi (680 km) long and up to 45 mi (72 km) wide.  The lake lies in the Great Rift Valley (alt. 2,534 ft. /772 m) and is the world’s second deepest (c.4, 700 ft. /1,430 m) freshwater lake. Part of the lake’s overflow eventually reaches the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Lukuga River.  Lake Tanganyika boasts over 350 species of fish of which most are endemic.  Like Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika is extremely old, and the combination of its age and ecological isolation has led to the evolution of unique fish populations.  Since new species are being discovered continually in these remarkable lakes,

  • The route takes us into Tanzania on our way to Lake Victoria. It is Africa’s largest lake and has a surface area of 26,600 square miles (68,800 square kilometers).
  • It is the largest tropical lake in the world.
  • It is the world’s second largest freshwater lake measured by surface area. The only larger freshwater lake is Lake Superior in North America.
  • This body of water is named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
  • Lake Victoria is about 400,000 years old.
  • The average depth is 130 feet (40 meters) with the deepest point being 276 feet (84 meters).
  • Approximately 80 percent of the lakes water comes from rain. The other 20 percent comes from small streams flowing into the lake.

From Ndole Bay we are going back to Kapiri Mposhi.  Then head in the direction of Tanzania,  crossing the border at  Tunduma,


on our way to lake Victoria.


Traveling through the Serengeti.

 Trip through Serengeti to Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar



Traveling by Ferry to Zanzibar,  for a week’s rest after climbing Kilimanjaro. Paddling on crystal the clear blue waters with an endless horizon in front of you and a white sandy beach behind you,  is something that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the feeling it gives you.  From the beach in the front of Zanzibar you can jump into one of the kayaks and discover this feeling for yourself.  If this was not your Bucket list, it’s your Bucket list extend it.


Below our campsite at Iringa Tanzania.


After resting in Zanzibar we are back in our 4 x 4’s,  on our way to Malawi.


Crossing the border into Malawi and camping at Bongo camp.  Then we are on our way to the most beautiful lake in Africa, lake Malawi.


Here we are staying for one week, doing Scuba, kayaking and more.  Lake Malawi is the eighth largest and one of the deepest lakes in the world situated between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania in Africa. The lake is a massive 560km long, 80km wide and reaches a depth of 700m. The biodiversity of this magnificent lake is astonishing with close to one thousand species of freshwater fish, that’s more species of freshwater fish than are found in Europe and North America, combined. Experience one of the world’s most unique diving destinations, water temperatures are warm and visibility is crystal clear, almost aquarium-like.


Now we are  on our way through Zimbabwe.


Visiting the balancing Rocks and the Zimbabwe Ruins. Another must Bucket list item.


After visiting the balancing Rocks,  we drive South towards the Zimbabwe ruins.


South Africa and Lesotho

Then we are on our way to Pretoria.  From Pretoria we are going to Durban,  for our Luxury liner.  After that bucket list item,  we are back on the road through Kwazulu Natal.  The Sani pass has fascinated many 4 x 4 enthusiast and has been a Bucket list item for many people,


Leaving Lesotho,  we are spending a few days in resorts in the Drakensburg,  before traveling South towards the Wild coast.  Many more 4 x 4 adventures await us in the Eastern Cape and Swart Berge,