Overcoming fear in your Bucket List Gap Year.

The main value of the Bucket List Gap year, lies in that you are taught the basic skills of enjoying life to the fullest, taking calculated risk and overcoming fear. For many people, fear is the biggest obstacle to achieving personal goals. We give fear so much power that we sacrifice our dreams to avoid Read More


Bucket List 4 x 4

 Why to have 4 x 4 courses on your Bucket list.   4  X  4 Driving is a big part of the Bucket list gap year. With our 4 x 4 training and driving we are off to discover places and adventurer.  From Cape Town right up to central Africa through the Serengeti to Kilimanjaro.  Read More


About Bucket list gap year.

What does Bucket List mean? bucket list noun informal A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. These experiences or achievements are then listed and get marked off as they are done. Life is a short journey traveled at high speed (AdW) If life is a short Read More


Kayaking and White water rafting.

Through the course of the Bucket-list-gap-year program we won’t just stop to smell the roses, but also to test the waters. Don’t have the slightest idea what kayaking and white water rafting is about?  Don’t worry, you will experience it at the hands of the best.  We have professionals that will do our training! We are Read More


Gap Year Surfing

Learning to Surf in your Gap Year I have been dreaming of being able to surf, unfortunately I have spent much time dreaming without putting steps in place to make my dream a reality. This dream has now become a Bucket list item. Surfing is not a sport exclusive to the young, athletic, and tanned. Read More

Horse riding

Horse Riding in your Gap Year

Horse Riding Even if you have never rode a horse, you will have the opportunity to become a good rider during this gap year.  Professional coaching will set you at ease and get you into the saddle even quicker than you think.   The Stables where we are going to have the training has been offering Read More


Golf In Your Gap Year

Why Golf in your gap year program?   In the second week of your Gap Year Program, we start our Golf Training. If you are a good golfer, you would become a better one. Golf training will be done by PGA trainers.   This increasingly popular sport is actually a powerhouse of all the core Read More